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Our Year in Pictures - MRC2021

Our Year in Pictures - MRC2021

The incredible work of our volunteers in 2021 captured in pictures from MRC Units across the Maldives.

COVID19 Response - Risk Communication Efforts

COVID19 Vaccination Center Support in Addu City 

Registration of Undocumented Migrants for COVID-19 Vaccination in Male' City.

Mangrove Clean up initiative in Kulhuduffushi City.

COVID-19 Vaccination Support for Migrants in Male' City.

Community Event in Kulhuduffushi City 

MRC Pscyhosocial Support Helpline 1425 in Lh. Hinnavaru.  

Emergency Response Volunteers mobilized in Kulhuduffushi City for Flood Response.

Volunteers carrying out a Patient Transfer Service in Male' City

Volunteers supporting the health screening and triage at Healthcenters in Addu City.

COVID19 Response in Male' City.

Ecosystem Restoration and Tree Planting Initative in Addu City.

Vector Control Activity in Kulhuduffushi City.

Volunteers supporting at the COVID19 Vaccination Center in Addu City.

Risk Communication Efforts in Greater Male' Area

Kulhuduffushi City Unit Volunteers

COVID19 Vaccine Registration in Male' City.

Tree Planting Initative in Addu City.

Volunteers supporting patient transfers as part of COVID19 response in Male' City.

COVID19 Risk Communication Efforts in Gdh. Vaadhoo.

Volunteers supporting the toll-free
MRC Migrant Support Helpline 1458

First Aid Training for participants of Blind and Visually Impaired Society of Maldives

Elderly evening event in Kulhuduffushi City.

COVID19 Response Volunteers in Male' City.

COVID19 Vaccination center support in Addu City.

Community Clean Up Event in Lh. Hinnavaru.

First Aid Service in Kulhuduffushi City.

COVID19 Vaccination Status Assesment in Industrial Islands in Greater Male' Area.

First Aid Information Session for School Children in Kulhuduffushi City.

Supporting Migrants in Hardship in Lh. Hinnavaru 

Blood Donation Camps in Male' City. 

 Elderly Well-being Check up in Kulhuduffushi City

World Mental Health Day Event in Male' City.

MRC Psychosocial Support Helpline 1425  promotion in Communities.

Volunteers supporting at the COVID19 Vaccination Center  in Male' City.

Migrant Vaccination Status Assesment in Greater Male'.

Our team supporting the COVID19 Mobile Vaccination Support  in Greater Male'.

Harbor Monitoring Support in Kulhuduffushi City.