Youth Empowerment

Empower and increase capacity of youth

Youth development and empowerment was a priority area in the MRC’s Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and has been included in the newly adopted Strategic Plan 2016-2019 as well. One of the major reasons to focus on Youth as a strategic area is because of the large percentage of the youth population (47% under 25 years according to census 2014. There are many socio economic issues the demographic face; ranging from rise in substance abuse, to increase in violence and high unemployment rate.  Therefore engaging and empowering youth becomes critical in building resilient communities.

MRC’s approach in this area has been in developing Youth as Agents of Behavioral Change (YABC), a flagship program of IFRC that was localized to Maldives context. The aim of YABC approach was to empower young people to take up an ethical leadership role in inspiring a positive transformation of mind-sets, attitudes and behaviors within themselves and their communities. Although it is difficult to measure behavioral change and impact in a short span of time, MRC has been able to capture some of the changes that have occurred due to the YABC peer educator camps, which has enabled growth of young people within the Red Crescent Community in the Maldives.

Some of our Youth Leaders

Maaha Madheeh

maackoGot opportunity to take part in Youth Camp organised by German Red Cross. And She is YABC PE. She is being contributing her time as Volunteer so far contributed 600 hrs of volunteer time (2011 183:10, 2012 – 63:27, 2013 – 221:47, 2014 – 160:28) .

Currenty she is contributing as Male branch Youth member




Ali Khamees


– Opportunity to take part in o9th Common Wealth Youth Forum in Colombo
Elected and Contributed as Male branch Youth Member
– Completed YABC PE training and conducted Branch level YABC PE workshop at male Branch
– So far contributed more than 700 hrs of volunteer time
– Worked as an MRC staff




Ahmed Humaid

humaid– Intrioduced to MRC throught Male Branch Youth Camp in 2012
– participated in YABC training.
– Henveriru unit vice leader, and current youth member of the Henveiru Unit
– More then 1000 hrs volunteer time contributed up to date