Disaster Management

“Increase community resilience through reduction of impact of disasters and contribute to rehabilitation”

In the area of disaster management and response, MRC prioritizes on community resilience and disaster risk reduction. Focus is on developing response mechanisms for disasters and emergency situations, in establishment of Emergency Response Funds which will be utilised in such situations, in establishing response teams and in establishing communication and coordination mechanisms during disasters. In addition, providing support to communities in emergency situations arising at sea and providing support due to issues arising from climate change will be part of the activities. Another key focus in this area is establishing formal agreements and establishing relations with stakeholders.



Responded to flooding emergencies throughout the country in the past 4 years


Responded to fire incidents throughout the country in the past 4 years



 Responded to all civil unrest emergencies in the country in the past 4 years


Provided Psychosocial Support to over 500 people affected by emergencies
since 2014


Trained 449 volunteers in Emergency Response


Trained over 1000 individuals under the Community
Based Disaster Risk Reduction Project