Maldivian Red Crescent Influenza H1N1 Communications package

Maldives is currently experiencing an increase in respiratory infections and influenza virus. Routine influenza testing by Health Protection Agency (HPA) of the Ministry of Health has shown H1N1 positive cases. National authorities have declared national alert level 3 and expect the virus to spread in the coming few days before it could be controlled.

The statistics published by Health Protection Agency on 17th March 2017 states that 108 people have been tested positive for the Influenza H1N1 virus. The statistics also shows that Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) is highest in the northern atolls and a total of 6,033 cases of ARI have been consulted nationwide. Furthermore, it has been reported that there has been 2 fatalities from H1N1 virus.

We atĀ Maldivian Red Crescent have developed a communications package including translated versions for migrant populations as a preventative measure. All communications material developed in different languages can be accessed from the links provided.

Link for communications material pack

Link for videos


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