#Aduehintha? – Nathasha Abdul Rasheed

Nathasha 1

As our branches are scattered around the atolls, it is definitely heartwarming to know that the help we do for humanity is inspiring those in different parts of the country to take action as well. Another such story is the story of Nathasha Abdul Rasheed, a fellow humanitarian from HDh.Kulhudhufushi.

Nathasha has been a devoted volunteer since 2015 and she was first inspired to lend humanitarian aid by seeing our Community First Aid services. She was drawn by how genuine willingness and appreciation combines to create a bond within the community. To add to her inspiration, her younger sibling was the one who motivated her to take part in the First Aid Course held at HDh.Kulhudhufushi, and that was her first interaction with Maldivian Red Crescent.

Soon after completing the course, she joined MRC – HDh Branch as a volunteer and has been involved in various events organized by the branch. Nathasha is one of the most knowledgeable volunteers who have served the community by providing first aid services during community gatherings and events and she is always willing to help with the branch activities. Out of all of her experiences, the most memorable one was the #UnityRun2016 organized by MRC – HDh Branch volunteers to mark Unity Day 2016 where she was the MC for the event.

Being an active volunteer who closely supports MRC, Nathasha wishes to spark motivation in more people to get in the spirit of volunteerism. She suggests building awareness about the Movement in the islands so that more people would be interested in lending humanitarian aid. Moreover, she especially wants young people who have recently finished school to be involved with us as she believes that volunteering with MRC is a good way to be productive members of the community.

Nathasha believes that the spirit of volunteerism is something very fulfilling and that providing selfless help to those who need it can definitely bring satisfaction to both ends. She thrives from the love and respect that she receives from the people and being able to provide First Aid Services in situations where people are in dire need is what makes her the happiest. She is very thankful for MRC for providing the opportunity to be trained in First Aid and giving her this opportunity to be part of the global movement. Thank you Nathasha for your enthusiasm and efforts to help humanity!