First aid is considered as a key strength of the Maldivian Red Crescent. By 2030, MRC hopes to become the lead first aid provider and trainer in the Maldives.

First aid is an essential service that the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is known for. As such, in the Maldives, MRC has been one of the leading providers of first aid trainings in the Maldives since its inception. MRC’s first aid activities first began as part of a Community Based Health and First Aid Programme. The Commercial First Aid Programme was later developed as a means of resource mobilisation, whereby first aid trainings were facilitated to the corporate sector for a fee. In addition to this, first aid services for various events are also provided for a fee and is a main source of income for the Branches. MRC’s first aid trainings are taught through standardised syllabuses, globally recognised certificates, and with vast expertise, supported by the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

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